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Automator to create sequential numbered file but not at the same time


I have a folder where I create quite regularly a file from a template.
I explain : I have a folder name "2009" (for the current year) and inside this folder a folder named "Template" where I store my templates (I have several).
I then need to create in the 2009 folder files by duplicating one of the template, and name it "File_name_001". The next time I perform the action I want the next file to be named "File_name_002" and so on.
I tried to use the rename sequentially action from automator but it does not look for already existing files...
Also I did not find an action that would allow me to count filtered files, deduce a number and use this number to create the new file name.
Is there a way to do this ?

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automator is not going to do this for you. your best bet is to write an applescript that handles.
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I wrote a Perl script for you that will supply the name of the next file:

To use it, you supply the name of the first file in the sequence (and optionally the name of the folder where the files are).
For example, if the current directory (folder) currently has files:
foo_001.txt, foo_002.txt, foo_003.txt
then running the command:
nextFilename "foo_001.txt"
will output "foo_004.txt" (without the quotes).

To get it to look at a specified folder, supply the path to the folder as the second command-line argument. For example:
nextFilename "foo_001.txt" ~/MyStuff/Reports

You can run a script like this from AppleScript via the 'do shell script' command
- see the AppleScript section of this Unix FAQ

Note that the above Perl script handles other sequence patterns as well - e.g. "report001_abc.txt"
- the only requirement is that there is a number somewhere in the filename.

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thanks a lot !

I will study how to run it with applescript (though I can run it command line I think, I have some basic notions of unix).

It seems that I would need to go into applescript or similar as I have other tasks to automate.

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