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Angry Blue Question Mark

In Mail, I see a blue question mark where an image should be on mail in my inbox. I found a solution stating that the user had uninstalled and reinstalled mail to fix the issue but that doesn't seem like much of a fix. Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Can you give us more detail about where you see this blue question mark? Or perhaps even better, can you show us a screenshot of this blue question mark in Mail?

What version of OS X are you using?

Have you done anything that might affect Mail in any way recently?

What steps have you tried so far to fix the problem? What were the results of those steps?

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Having the blue question mark merely indicates that the image (which is not embedded in the mail message itself, but is a reference to an image on a web server) didn't load from the web server.

That is the usual state if you have your Mail.app configured (preferences) to not load images by default - which is recommended so that spam emailers don't find out that your address is valid by looking at which messages requested loads of these images.
In that case, there should be a "Load Images" button at top-right of the message in Mail.app.
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Where do you set this preference?

I have looked all over the mail.app and have not found any setting for this.
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I too had that "blue square" problems and here's what worked for me:

1. Open Mail>Preferences/Viewing
2. Deselect “Display remote images in HTML messages”
3. Quit Mail and then reopen Mail
4. Go back to Mail Preferences/Viewing and reselect “Display remote images in HTML messages”
5. Quit Mail and reopen Mail

But why that worked for me, I dunno. Maybe it was just a matter of clearing a corrupt preference.

Please note the Spam issue raised by Hayne.
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