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Question Disabling screen sharing

Ok, so I'm paranoid. I want to disable screen sharing in OSX 10.5.5 on a computer that has Remote Management enabled. I want to leave that enabled but either disable the screen sharing portion, or somehow have an overlay be displayed instead of what is really on my screen.

Told ya I was paranoid. I know there is the com.apple.RemoteManagement.launchd in /Library/Preferences that has only "enabled" in it. Could I simply change that to disabled and get the same effect? What would be nice is that overlay option if anyone has any idea of how it might work or even if it is possible.

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Go to system pref>sharing>and deselect screen sharing!!
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Screen sharing is not checked, just Remote Management which includes the screen sharing ability. Like I said, looking to leave remote management checked, just disable the screen sharing portion of it.
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Unhappy Needing to disable screen sharing in Leopard

I am having the same problem and want to disable the screen sharing function. I'm currently using the remote management however I work for a school corporation where students have switch from remote management to screen sharing and have trashed other student files.

Is there script I can run that will disable screen sharing?
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System Preferences>Sharing>Remote Management. All the options are there. If you toggle Remote Management off and then on, it gives you a list of privileges.

The Computer Settings and the Options buttons may also be of use to you.
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Changing the launchd file to "Disabled" would give you the same result as deselecting the Remote Management check box in System Preferences.

Have you tried changing the "Allow Access for - Only These Users" and add in only your preferred user account? To change that in the Screen Sharing prefs, you will need to disable Remote Management to access the screen, but then you can switch everything back and it should require the correct login credentials to work with Screen Sharing.
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You could also try renaming the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ScreenSharing.framework folder and rebooting.

Your mileage may vary, post results here for the enlightenment of others.
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Hate to bring this back from the dead but I found this through a google search. I would also like to stop screen sharing but not stop remote management.

I am a tech for a high school where all the students have macbooks. I use Apple Remote Desktop on occasion to maintain them. The admin password for the student laptops has been compromised so with it the students are screen sharing to other student laptops and wreaking havoc. No need to go into what they are doing but I need to stop it. I could change the password on 800 or so macbooks but that would work until some little darling hacked it again and then it would again spread through social media and such. Dis-allowing access to users would not work because the students are doing this as an admin. As the admin I need to be able to connect with ARD. BTW the remote management port is the same port as the screen sharing port.
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10.5.5, leopard, screen sharing, vnc

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