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Problems with Apple Leopard 10.5 and isilon Storage systems

I am having problems working with files on SMB/CIFS shares between 10.4.x and 10.5.x.

If I place a file without an extension (i.e .eps, .indd) on an SMB/CIFS share with 10.4, 10.5 doesn’t recognize the file. Also, if I place a file without an extension (i.e .eps, .indd) on an SMB/CIFS share with 10.5, 10.4.x doesn’t recognise the file.

Both state that the files are Unix Executable files.

This is because 10.5 doesn't leave the hidden ._ files (resource folk files) on the SMB/CIFS share when used on the isilon.

Is this a Apple or Isilon problem? Note that this problem doesn't occur on Microsoft Windows SMB/CIFS shares.

What can be done to resolve this?
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RE: Problems with Apple Leopard 10.5 and isilon Storage systems

Does this happen with other SMB servers?
Does this happen when using 2 Mac clients with the same OSX versions?
Can you list what files are created on the Isilon storage by login to the storage server and running 'ls -al'?
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I have some experience with Isilon clusters, and remember that they've had support for NTFS streams for quite some time. However, Macs didn't seem to use those streams until OS X 10.5, which must have marked a change with how OS X deals with external filesystem volumes. Which is fine by me -- no more AppleDouble files, yay!

I'm guessing that you're seeing this problem because each Mac is confused about where the other Mac stored the file metadata. In 10.4, it's in the ._ file; in 10.5, it's in the filesystem stream. Neither can find it (it's obvious why the 10.4 system wouldn't find the metadata, but it's a bit odd that the 10.5 system wouldn't know to look at a ._ file if it existed. Maybe this is just some Mac weirdness).

So, I would classify this as client weirdness. IIRC, the Isilon has a way to turn off streams within their SMB protocol support (I think you can do this in their web interface). You could disable stream support globally, or on a share. Then, any Mac version connecting to your share would fall back to using AppleDouble to store metadata. Keep in mind that if you do this globally, then _all_ machines won't have streams available, which might not be what you want if you have Windows clients. I'd probably test this with a share level setting.

Hope this helps...
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Wayne Cook
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Mac 0s x and Isilon

Problem we're having is intermittantly getting locked out of an Isilon share in the middle of a QT export or import. No one at Isilon has an answer yet.

We're a good sized edit facility just outside Dallas with 8 suites and a mixed environment. What we see is a fair number of lockouts of the Isilon with an export half done.
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