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USB Device Name in /dev

I apologize for having absolutely no details about my target system, but I don't have a Mac; I'm asking this question on behalf of a customer who does have a Mac.

<rant> In fact, many of my employer's customers use Macs in their prepress, so of course we won't buy any, especially since we are a Windoze-only house </rant>.

Our customer needs to copy a disk using dd. I have used dd to copy disks many times using Linux and Cygwin on Windoze, but in order to use it, U need to know the device name. Linux (and Cygwin, too) use the /proc/ filesystem to present system information (/proc/partitions, in this case), but I suspect that Mac does not use /proc/.

How can I find out what the raw device name is?
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You can see the device names by using one (your choice) of the following commands (in a Terminal window):

diskutil info /Volumes/name_of_the_disk
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Thank U!!!

(smacks forehead with heel of hand ... maybe heel of foot would help more ...)

OK, I should have thought of df; I'm just used to /proc/ ... :/

Our customer tried loading Cygwin on a Windoze machine today, and some silly badly-written AV stuff hosed it up. Since there doesn't need to be anything installed on his Mac machine, we'll go that route tomorrow.

Again - thanks!
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cygwin, dd program, raw devices

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