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Merge Multiple Excel (xls) and Csv Files into One


I have a couple hundred excel and csv files that I would like to merge or combine into one master file. Each file has different column headings. I would them to append to each other - in other words, have the data rows extend downward for each file. Is there a program or macro to do this? I have both Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008. Now that Office 2008 no longer supports macros, this option is out for 2008.

I know there are Windows programs to do this but I have no clue how to do in in OS X. I don't want to get tangled up in VBA, maybe an applescript would be good. I would appreciate your help.
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Because the CSVs are text files, you can combine with them with the cat command in Terminal:

cat a.csv b.csv c.csv > outputfile

Or, if you have no other .csv files in that directory:

cat *.csv > outputfile

Then bring outputfile back into Excel and resave it in XLS format for one big file.

As for XLS files, massage those into CSV files with something like MacLinkPlus, then cat those, too. There may be free/shareware alternatives to MacLinkPlus that you can use to translate XLS to CSV quickly.
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You can download the Excel File Merger program and this will merge multiple xls, or txt, or csv files. We used to have to merge 600-700 customer csv files manually and this software does it in 3 seconds. I am not proficient in programming or techno savvy.
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Thanks so much macosnoob, really saved me hours of work there - genius!
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