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Remote startup/shutdown of Mini

I have an Intel Mac Mini running 10.5.5. When traveling, I'd like to leave it at home and access it occasionally from a Dell laptop running either Ubuntu 8.04 or Win XP SP3. Power glitches and outages are quite common here.

It would be nice if the system could be left powered off when not in use. I have an 'IP Power' device with four AC outlets that can be switched on and off remotely. Unfortunately, the Mini's "Restart automatically after a power failure" option does not work, if the system had been cleanly shut down before power was removed. Intentionally killing power to a running system for each shutdown seems like a bad idea, as does leaving it asleep when not in use (needless exposure to glitches, turns on after a power failure). There is a small UPS, but it does not protect against surges and lengthy power failures.

I saw this thread: http://forums.macosxhints.com/showthread.php?t=85521 but it did not help: rEFIt does not seem to execute when following a clean shutdown, power is removed and reapplied.

I noticed that if e.g. I set "Start up or wake Every Day at 7:00 AM", and there is no power at 7 AM, the system will start when power is later restored. So, one could shut the system down by first setting the daily wake time to a few minutes past the current time, doing a clean shutdown, then removing power. When power is turned back on some hours later, the system will start up. A script that calls the pmset and shutdown commands could even do this automatically. However, such a scheme does not seem very robust, and Murphy says that it will fail when needed. Is there a better way to do it, e.g. a patch to firmware, NVRAM or the shutdown routine, such that turning on AC power will reliably start the Mac?
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