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Terminal Error message "pattern: No such file or directory."


It started with some printing problems: I can't print from any application ("no printer selected"). But there are printers in the print center.
So I hope "Print Center Repair" might fix it.

But when I run it, or start the terminal:
I get the error message:
Last login: Tue Feb 11 08:22:44 on ttyp1
Welcome to Darwin!
pattern: No such file or directory.

can anyone help me to fix that so I can hopefully fix the Printing Problem?
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If you get 'pattern: No such file or directory' when you open a terminal window (w/o typing anything in it), then you have a problem with one of the terminal startup files.

This error message just means that the system got a command (pattern) that it doesn't understand. Either you have no program named pattern, or the program is in a directory that is not in your PATH.

If you know you have a program named pattern, type 'echo $PATH' (no quotes) in the terminal and see if pattern is in one of the directories listed. If not, you should add that directory to your PATH. There's LOTS of threads on this board about that...

If you don't have such a program, try to figure out what file is being run that gives this problem:
grep pattern ~/.*
and see what comes up. If you get a hit, edit the offending file to remove the line in question.

One stupid question about your printing issue, though. You say there are printers in the print center. Do any of them show up as the default printer in the application from which you are trying to print?

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