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Transferring Verizon phone number to AT&T

Hi all, quick question--
I am anticipating buying the new 3G iPhone when it comes out in July. I'm currently a Verizon subscriber and my contract doesn't expire for several months after July, but I'd like to keep my telephone number (I'm prepared to pay the early exit fee to Verizon). Do I need to alert Verizon to my plan to switch, or can I simply walk into the Apple store and have them activate me, with my old number on my new iPhone? How exactly does the process of switching over from another carrier work?

Thanks in advance.
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Last time I did it, I just let the new carrier do it for me. My contract had expired, but even if it hadn't, I don't think that would have mattered as far a switching the number.
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I see, so the Apple or AT&T rep, when activating me (shame we won't be able to do it at home over iTunes), will take care of switching the number to the new service? Does anyone know if this is the point at which Verizon will know to bill me for an early contract termination? Or will I have to explicitly cancel my service with them?
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My wife just did this last week. It was easy. No need to contact Verizon, just call AT&T Wireless and tell them you want to switch your number. They take care of all the heavy lifting.

Verizon will know instantly, and if they're going to bill you for early termination they will. You don't have contact them or do anything specific with Verizon at all.

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