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IOATA Controller Device Blocking Bus ...

Hi All,

My iBook G4 10.4 just fritzed out - frozen, forced shut down, then on reboot will only display grey apple screen with turning gear and never (after about ~ 1hour) progress to login screen.

Safe Mode will not work, I tried resetting the PMU (?) on the suggestion of another post, which did not seem to work.

I restarted in verbose mode, which repeated the threads topic line over and over:

IOATAController Device Blocking bus.

I've read other posts describing this as eminent hard drive failure - which I'm thrilled about if it's really that cheap a fix - but I'd like to be sure it's the hard drive before I shell out the cash for a replacement and find someone to help me put it in.

Also, any illuminating information on what this actually means would also be appreciated.

Any suggestions?
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Welp! It's likely either your Hard Drive or Optical Drive. I suggest that you follow the procedures on iFixIt to remove your hard drive and then test to see if it boots your OS X disc. If so, you need a new drive. If not, put the drive back in and remove the optical drive and try booting the HD. If it boots okay, you need a new optical drive.

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The machine boots from a CD - into install extra mode - as is - but crashes when I attempt to run disk fix.

Does that confirm it absent actually removing the HD - or does that process bypass the optical drive as well?

Thank you for prompt response.
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