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USB Drive Improperly Removed

Hi, I almost always eject my USB drive before disconnecting the cable. Occasionally Leopard can't eject the drive claiming that a process is using the drive (I suspect Synchronize! Pro X has an intermittent bug) even though I have quit all applications. Being patient and waiting a long time doesn't make the problem go away. Anyhow sometimes I'm running late and annoyed, I just unplug the cable. When I get to work and fire up Windows and plug the USB drive in, Windows (MacDrive installed) just reports the drive is unknown and invites a format ... appalling arrogance from Redmond. Unless I can find another Mac (usually no hope) I have to wait until I get home and plug the USB drive back in and then eject it properly. Once that is done then everything is fine with Windows & MacDrive at work the next day. My questions are ... how come Leopard handles this situation fine and Windows doesn't ? Is a dirty bit being set somewhere on the drive or what ? Lastly, how do I get OS X to tell me what process it thinks is using the damn USB drive ?
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I wouldn't go looking at Windows for an explanation to that one. If I understand your problem correctly, you've got an HFS+ formatted drive that you are connecting to Windows. Without MacDrive, Windows does not "see" that format. Thus, your problem is with MacDrive. I would go to the MacDrive support page and follow their troubleshooting steps.
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