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Safe to clear contents of ~/Library/Cache folder???

Can someone let me know whether or not deleting the contents of my ~/Library/Cache folder is going to mess up my system or not?

I just checked the accumulated size of that folder, and its no approaching the 5GB mark...I'd like to clean it out and trash its contents if possible, but I wanted to make sure doing so was safe before I made any rash decisions...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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More specifically now that I think about it...would it in any way have a negative effect on my computer if I were to use Leopard Cache Cleaner to do a Deep Cleaning of my Local, System, and All Users Caches (see below):

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I believe I'd take that warning somewhat seriously; unless you are experiencing distinct problems, I'd avoid using the "Deep Cleaning" of all caches. Usually, caches can be deleted with no adverse consequences, but I'd hesitate to say that this was universally true. Perhaps exclude System Caches from the cleaning? That might have your intended effect with less risk.

Joe VanZandt
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Are you having any actual problems that could be cache-related? If not, I'd leave it alone. Caches are placed there for a reason--they speed up your computer, as it does not have to reload the cached information from somewhere slower. As the message in red states above, cleaning caches is for troubleshooting, not maintenance.

On the other hand, if you're actually having some problem that seems like it could be related to a corrupted cache, then clearing out your caches can help.

But I would not advise anybody to do it 'just cuz'.

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Over time, as I'm sure we've all experienced, computers do tend to get a bit quirky...and though I wouldn't say that I am having any sort of disastrous issues at the moment, I am experiencing a number of smaller quirks and hiccups here and there (as I am sure we all do from time to time)...
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I cleaned up my cache a few weeks ago, and while it didn't hurt, it didn't help anything. Currently it's like 170MB and compared to the 9 free GB it's worth it.

try rebooting, or reset safari if you have issues.
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