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macbook pro turning off with no warning

hi guys,

if my mac book pro is not connected to the charger it takes about 20-30 minutes and it just shuts down automatically, the screen goes blank and the computer turns off. Not being able to use my laptop portably is of no use now, would this be a battery problem or maybe some kind of virus. Thanks.
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Well… We can immediately rule out the later. There are currently no Mac viruses.

Can you post what System Profiler displays concerning your battery in the Hardware -> Power section? You can copy and paste that information.

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It's possible that you're having the same problem as I am with my MacBook - posted about it here.

As mine stands, I think I'm going down to road to another battery, but I'll be watching this thread in the hope you get a fix
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This happens with my 15" MacBook Pro 3,1 (2.4 GHz C2D SR) when I use my old battery from a MacBook Pro 1,1 (purchased 5/2006). After the MBP dies, I connect the charger and open System Profiler to view the Power details. It then shows the battery as having only ~1100 mAh full charge capacity (a new battery is ~5500 mAh), with fair battery health.

However, once the battery is charged, the Power section in System Profiler falsely shows Full Charge capacity as being ~5400 mAh, and good battery health. It seems as though there is a bug in the MBP's battery calibration, which leads the computer to assume there is more capacity remaining when the battery is actually fully discharged. Thus, the computer shuts off without warning as it is unprepared for the sudden voltage drop resulting from its miscalculation of battery capacity.
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Try resetting your MacBook pro's SMC: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303319

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Battery is the problem

I had the exact same problem with my MacBook Pro. The laptop would turn itself off suddenly with no warning when there was plenty of reserve left in the battery. I tried the suggestion of resetting the power manager and a couple other things, but nothing made any difference. I finally took it into an Apple Store. They replaced the battery. That solved the problem. I don't understand why a bad battery would cause this symptom, but replacing the battery apparently is the solution.
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observe it with the ac power unplugged. wait for it to shut off. Periodically note the battery charge level in the menubar. Check the lights on the battery by pressing the button also.

When it shuts off, IMMEDIATELY check the battery charge level with the button on the battery. it very likely will be flashing one fast indicating fully discharged.

Plug it back into AC power but do not turn it on. Leave it upside down and watch the charge lights. You are very likely to see it build up what LOOKS like a 50-70% charge (several solid lights) in the next couple minutes.

If it follows this, the battery has a dead cell or two and is going to suddenly go from say, 85% charge to 0% charge, meaning you are only going to get 15% of your normal capacity out of it, and it's time to replace the battery.

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