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Does Earthlink support IMAP?

Does anyone know if Earthlink supports IMAP mail other than logging on to their Web mail? I couldn't find anything about it in their support area.

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Webmail isn't IMAP. If you go to the customer support section of Earthlink's website, they will have full instructions to setup your Email software. They will explain there if IMAP is available.

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Telling @danborden that webmail isn't IMAP is not required nor helpful. He clearly knows the difference between the two. In his initial post he asking a very simple question.

Does Earthlink support and offer IMAP services?

The simple answer is no, they do not.

Telling someone to go look it up on their website is not what a forum like this is for. I personally went hunting for this information on Earthlink's website and it's incredibly difficult to get a simple and clear answer there and the reason is obvious. MobileMe, Google and other mail service companies do indeed offer IMAP as an option so Earthlink has decided to double speak around this issue rather than admit that they do not compete.

In fact, Earthlink confusingly claims that their webmail service uses a technology called "IMAP" so Las Vegas's comment is not only unhelpful, it's down right wrong.

Here is an excerpt from Earthlink's help pages;

Web Mail uses a technology called "IMAP" that lets you sort your messages into folders while they are still on the email server. When you use an email program to check email, you are using "POP3" technology. POP3 is a very simple method of getting email. It logs in and downloads every message that is currently sitting in your Inbox.

So, bottom line is this, Earthlink does not offer IMAP support for people who want to use Mac Mail, Thunderbird or any other email application to retrieve and manage their Earthlink email.
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Originally Posted by emeryemery
Telling someone to go look it up on their website is not what a forum like this is for.

Actually sometimes it is. Going to the vendor and asking is often the best way to find out.
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Originally Posted by Craig R. Arko
Actually sometimes it is. Going to the vendor and asking is often the best way to find out.

But not in the case of Earthlink!

Earthlink is one of the most confusing, unhelpful, double-speaking services out there.
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