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Filevault Master Password Reset

When I bought my laptop, I turned Filevault on, and forgot the Master Password. Like three days ago, I took it to a technician (I had a bizarre problem: all my settings and the iTunes/iPhoto library would be reset every time I turned it off), and the guy just made a back up of my whole system, re-installed the OS, and put the system back in. Right now, my old account (where all my files are), is asking me for the master password, and I have no idea what it is, and I need to find it back. I already tried to find those .cer and .keychain (or however they're called) files, and they won't show up.
Is there any way I can recover the Master Password to access my old account? Or, if there is not, is there any way I can recover all my files from my old account?

Info on the laptop:

Intel based Macbook, using the last OS Version (10.4.11, I think).

Thank you!
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Unfortunately, no. The tech working on your computer should have known that FileVault uses encrypted sparse images for holding data and can't be access without that master password. It also stores it in a .dmg file that also can't be access without that password.

THis might work, but I doubt it will. Only because you're working with FileVault..
But in Terminal, try changing the owner and the group to your user.

chown -R {you're short name} /{your Home folder}
chgrp (same as above)

Unfortunately you won't be able to recover the data from the HDD by using basic software to pull it off. The only way I see you're data coming back is if you send it to an authorized HDD recovery center. If you live in Canada, I'd recommend CBL ( cbltech.com )

Good Luck!
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No one (That means NO ONE!) will be able to recover the files from your filevault image without that master password. You will have to remember it or abandon all hope. No amount of scanning or recovery techniques will get into it without that password. Sorry.

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