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Question How to uninstall Final Cut Studio 2?

I want to reinstall Final Cut Studio 2, before doing this, I want to have a completely clean uninstall of FCS 2. There's no documentation about this at all, AppZapper of Cleanapp or by using Spotlight doesn't really give a good result. Does anyone know exactly what files or folders need to be deleted?
Thanks in advance.
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Any ideas anyone?
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Uninstalling Final Cut Pro 3 in OS X

The process should be pretty much the same with Final Cut Studio 2.

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Handy little program

This seemed to work for me, hope it helps.


Handy little program.
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DONT bother with with the digital rebellion..I had to swap licenses..(don't ask IT guys don't have a good reason..) so to do this I had to completely uninstall EVERYTHING. I tried the DR remover...uh...tried to reinstall so I could use the newer serial # and register..but the install failed and everything showed up again...same OLD serial number..

So now I've followed these directions and found all the packages in the receipts folder. I've deleted them and am trying the new clean install...we'll see what happens on this. I'll post my findings at the end of the day

If Final Cut Pro isn't starting up properly or performing normally, try these basic troubleshooting steps to remedy the situation. Please note that these steps aren't exhaustive, and are not intended to cover any specific issue. They are fundamental, basic steps that are most effective in getting Final Cut Pro into good working order, and are the steps most often suggested by AppleCare Technical Support.
Products Affected

Final Cut Pro
Confirm requirements and versions

1. Check system requirements
Make sure that you haven't overlooked any hardware aspect that's required to use Final Cut Pro. You can view the system requirements on the Final Cut Pro Technical Specifications page.
2. Update to the latest software versions
Choose Apple > Software Update and make sure that you have the most recent updates for your versions of Final Cut Pro, QuickTime, and other important system files. Installing the latest updates ensures that your software has the latest improvements and enhancements.
3. Check compatibility and driver versions for third-party devices
If you're using a third-party capture card, storage system, input device, or something else, check the support area on the manufacturer's website to be sure that you're using the latest version of the relevant driver or other software for your device. To see if your video device has been qualified for use with Final Cut Pro, check out the Final Cut Studio Device Qualification web page.

Delete the User Preferences

You can resolve many issues by restoring Final Cut Pro back to its original settings. This will not impact your project files, but you should verify your Scratch Disk location setting after doing this. To reset your Final Cut Pro user preference settings to their original state, do the following:

1. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Preferences—the tilde (~) represents your Home folder.
2. Remove the "com.apple.finalcutpro.plist" file from the Preferences folder.
3. Remove the "Final Cut Pro User Data" folder from the Preferences folder.

Remove receipts and reinstall Final Cut Pro

Another approach you might consider is reinstalling Final Cut Pro. To do this effectively, you need to remove the application and its receipts, then install Final Cut Pro and use Software Update to install additional updates. You don't have to remove everything that was installed with Final Cut Pro. Follow the steps below to completely reinstall a fresh copy of Final Cut Pro. Note: Make sure that you have your installation discs and serial number handy before starting this.

1. Open the Applications folder.
2. Drag the Final Cut Pro application to the Trash.
3. Go to /Library/Receipts.
4. In the Receipts folder, select the "FinalCutPro.pkg" file.
5. Choose View > as List to view the contents in a list.
6. Click the Date Modified column header so you can easily see all of the receipts that were installed at the same time as Final Cut Pro.
7. Drag the FinalCutPro.pkg receipt to the Trash, as well as any other items that have the same modification date within 3 minutes of the FinalCutPro.pkg's modification date.
8. Click the Name column header to sort the list alphabetically.
9. Drag any other receipts whose names begin with "Final Cut Pro" to the Trash.
10. Insert your Final Cut Pro installation disc and install Final Cut Pro.
11. When finished, use Software Update (under the Apple menu) to update your software to the latest version.

Additional Information

For further information on settings or installation, please refer to the Final Cut Pro documentation available on your installation discs.
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Okay a little follow up..and an unknown fact..Final Cut Studio 2 had a manufacturer that "possibly" made a batch of "BAD" Audio Content 2 Disks..I'm getting additional disks shipped out today. This is where the install screwed up.

I'm going to use an external hard drive to narrow down the issue a little more. I got clued in when Apple support care asked for my "INFO" from about and a serial number for the drive..

Hmmmm...so this may be a drive issue??

Don't know yet. I just put the Audio Content 1 disk in..the second one is coming up in just a minute..so I'll know more..

I'll keep you posted.
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Digital REBELS I'm sorry....after following all of the directions from APPLE Support...I also found some additional ProAPPS clues...deleted those...

DR .dmg was still on my desktop...I decided to run it again...when it finishes..it says do this first..then that second...

so i can't remember back..but I'm sure I did "that" first and then did the "this"...

those of you who do it correctly..I'm sure it worked well...the rest of what is above is fine. I'm reinstalling now with an "old batch" audio content set from a month ago..and used the install disk from the "new set"...and an external drive just to make sure..

It asked me for the serial # right off...which was refreshing because the install skipped that step the other 5 times...
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So here is the recent find..just now for kicks..after running Time Machine of course...we wrote down the S# of one of our licensed FCP6 and deleted the file found here...

Go to Hard Drive/Library/Applications/ProApps

Remove all files with "System ID" in the name.

"quoting Nick Homes over on Apple Support..thanks Nick"

and BAM we're there..

Also reset with Time Machine....

Maybe on another day, I'll run digital rebellion..the correct way...and not shoot my mouth off so quickly about something not working..MY BAD...much apologies..<goes to corner on the stool with a pointy hat>
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Just use spotlight to search for all the application names for the relevant applications. then have a hunt around your library directories and delete everything there. ..or i don know
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Hi randallclark,
how weird that you've mentioned about the audio content disc 1 problem because I have have literally the exact same problem. Been back and forth with Apple, on the issue of why audio content cd 1 isn't working. But I think just a few days ago when the replacement dvd came in the mail, it seemed to work fine until it asked for audio content 2. Then when you put that disc in, the window immediately stops installation and has those dreaded words "There were errors installing the software. Please try again." Called up Apple again, so now they're sending audio content 2 AND 3, just in case, the problem is in 3 as well. I've never been successful in installing these 3 dvds. When I custom install the rest of FCP 2, by unchecking all the audio content dvds, the installation became successful. Of course, I'll be lacking the content.

Also did all the above you've mentioned about uninstalling either manually and with use of FCS remover, AppCleaner and even went to the Proapps and removed the System ID. I've even repaired disk permissions before installing, based on Apple tech's suggestion. Even made disc images to reinstall the whole program but apparently if the errors are on the discs, then the disc image will have the same problem. But alas, still same problem. I came to the point that it MUST BE my computer....

Must be some bug with those batch of audio content dvds...will have to wait for those dvds to arrive to be sure. But I think I'm definitely out of options:P
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trying to completely uninstall fcp7

Hi guys, I'm new to macs, and would appreciate your expert help.
I am trying to COMPLETELY remove final cut 7, or at least remove all history that i updated it, so I can reinstall it, and am having a hard time. I've tried fcs remover, appdelete and cleanmymac and whenever i try reinstall fp7 it wont allow it, and says my serial number is wrong, so i figure there is some record that i updated it.
I am seriously considering wiping my hard drive and formating the computer... but would love an easier solution if you guys have one...

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