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Hard Drive Root Locked (Leopard Install)...

The root ( /Volumes/Entreri/ and /Volumes/Akira ) are now read only. All folders and files within them have correct permissions.

History: For a long time now, I've promised myself that one day, I was going to wipe my main drive, Ishii, and do OSX RIGHT. Ever since I had initial permissions problems since I upgraded my systems from OS9 to OSX, I ran my system (a Dual 1 Ghz Quicksilver G4) as root. Cringe away. I was young, and my attitude was that my dang computer was not going to tell me what I could, and could not delete (and trust me, after the initial switch and for years beyond, OSX still gave me plenty of those problems).

But I grew older and knew it was time to just run as an admin user, and not root. When Leopard was released, I figured it would be time to wipe my system HD (Ishii) totally clean, install OSX 10.5 and run as a normal user "sean."

Install goes fine. The finder pops up and I start to make what I assume are my first mistakes of my new life as an admin user. I get info on Entreri and Akira, and see their permissions are set to rwrwr-. Hell no I say. The Everyone group (for some reason...) needs to have write access!! I change the permissions to rwrwrw and "apply to all enclosed items." It works! "Awesome," I thought, "all my permissions problems have been fixed!" I do that to both my Aux drives.

Then I get info on the system drive, Ishii, and see the same thing... and I change it, and I hit apply to all enclosed items. About 30 seconds after a little voice in my head nags: "Why would you need to do that? The drive was wiped fresh- every file in there has the permissions OSX set for it.."

But it was in process- and I've learned not to interrupt OSX doing file changes.

As I'm sure you can guess, OSX starts behaving strangely after that. I restart off the Leopard disk, and use the disk utility to Repair Disk Permissions. Due to the number of files I idiotically changed, that takes 4 hours.

Now OSX runs fine.. but my Aux drives, Entreri and Ishii, have their root directories locked.

•Getting info on the hard drive makes it look like everything's fine.
•Changing the permissions from rwrwrw to rwrwrw just to try and do something doesn't do anything.
•Applying to enclosed items run, but the root directory is still locked. •Ignoring ownership on the volume doesn't change the locked root folder.
•FileXaminer can't seem to do anything either.
•Attempting to change the permissions in the terminal results in a Operation not permitted error.
•Permissions as reported from terminal: drwxrwxrwx@ 25 root admin 918 Dec 8 14:15 Entreri
•I ran as root, to see if I could fix the problem, but it's the same thing all over.
•When booting from leopard and running disk utility, the hard drive's are still appearing as locked- nothing is wrong with the drives. I was thinking about reinstalling, but if the installer disk sees the drives as locked, I doubted that would make an issue.

Entreri: 500 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9
Akira: 80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.6 (4 years old or so)
Ishii: 80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.6

Any help would be appreciated. I fully know I screwed up.
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This fixed the problem for me

I had the same problem after I "upgraded" to OS 10.5. This fixed the problem for me:
1) Boot using the OS installation disk;
2) Create a new Administrator account;
3) Delete the old Admin account or change it to a non-admin account;
4) Reboot;
5) Log in as Administrator;
6) Check permissions, they should be fixed.
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Smile YMMV, but…

Sorry, know this is a month old already, but I was having the same problem. After searching many forums and trying many different things, what finally fixed it was… (drum roll please) BatChmod 1.3.7.

Note: I have no affiliation with the developer and, of course, ymmv, but this seemingly simple little utility sure saved my bacon.
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Its even easier in terminal type

sudo chgflags nouchg /Volumes/nameofvolume
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Thank You theOtter:

I had a raid and NOTHING would unlock it after a clean Leopard install. I used Batchmod and it was unlocked within seconds.

BY CAREFUL! I think Batchmod is like an atom bomb. Its great to have when you need it, but otherwise your f*********** .
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Batchmod is saving me on this problem, do becareful, I applied them in stages and I was able to then unlock via get info and my password, then the drive was unlockable.

Thanks to this forum I was saved from losing my data, thanks to all who posted.

Batchmod is the best! Donate to them.
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