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Do the iPhone earbuds fit YOUR ears??

Is it just me? Are my ears unusually small? These things are simply too big and fall out too easily.

Interested to hear what others think. Not too many aftermarket options yet, either.
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Not quite sure what you mean by "after-market options", but you can always buy other earphones from other manufacturers.

Problems levelled at the Apple earphones usually concern sound quality - though the fit may have some bearing on this.

The other advantage of having 3rd party earphones is that you do not advertise yourself to muggers as a walking bag of smack!
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I like the ear-hangar speaker style ones, with built-in cable retractor. No cable jungle, good bass, and they fit under my motorbike helmet
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I was having the same problems with the Apple-supplied iPhone earbuds: It seemed like I had to really jam the things into my ear to get them to stay in, and then they would become INCREDIBLY painful. I had the original Apple earbuds and Apple in-ear headphones with my iPods, and while the audio-reproduction capabilities may have been somewhat suspect, they were never painful.

What I found to make a surprising difference, comfort-wise, was getting some of those little foam earbud covers (much like those that came with the original Apple earbuds). The Apple Store actually sells some Belkin branded ones that come in a mixtures of colors for the ridiculous price of $9.99 for a package of 5 pairs. Cost issues aside, they really did make a big difference for me in both fit and comfort. I can actually wear the earbuds for up to 3 hours at a time, with next to no discomfort. Now, hows that for a ringing endorsement.

benwiggy- The problem with the 3rd party earphones is that in order to fit into the recessed iPhone earphone socket you must either "mod" the earphones with an exacto knife, or purchase a 3rd party adapter. Neither of these methods provide you with the remote-control clicker functions, or the microphone, of the Apple-supplied iPhone headphones. For me that remote clicker on the headphones is critical! With the lack of a click-wheel, and an almost feedback-free touch interface, it's the only way to be able to have some control over the phone (and especially the iPod functions) without having to take it out of my pocket every time.

I eagerly await the arrival on the market, of high-quality in-ear headphones for the iPhone, that also provide all the remote-control functionality of the Apple earbuds

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Check out Ultimate Buds... the etymotic buds are phenomenal....
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Couldnt agree more. they suck. and I don't want to add an extension cable. Where are the comfy sony style earbuds with button and mic (at a reasonable price)
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