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Question Warcraft 3 on "Unsupported" Graphics Cards

By some miracle, I managed to get Warcraft III working in 10.2.2 on my PBG4 400, which only has a gimpy 8 MB Rage Mobility Pro. The online documentation and the game box both say that it needs 16 MB VRAM on Mac, although it only says 8 MB for PCs (which was my incentive to try this little experiment). Needless to say, I have every single texture quality on its lowest setting, the lowest resolution, and the lowest color depth. For obvious reasons, having more than several unit/building sprites onscreen significantly slows down gameplay, making it very difficult to play competitively. I also had to turn off mouse scrolling so it wouldn't lag and my view would suddenly be on the other side of the map.

Now for the questions: short of buying a new dual G4 (as much as I'd like to), what can I do to improve performace? Can I upgrade my graphics card? Can I overclock something relatively safely? Can I use some of may regular RAM (I've got plenty of that) as VRAM?

Any ideas you have would be very helpful for this particular Warcraft III addict. Or destructive, depending on how you look at it.
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Just suck it up. No hardware acceleration for you, unless Apple decides that you can upgrade the GPU.

I'd be more worried about Quartz Extreme than Hardware Acceleration for Warcraft III.

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And of course there are the normal things inside WarCraft you can adjust, like model detail and particle count...
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