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Can anybody give me a definitive answer as to what causes this exception during application crashes?

I periodically have serious problems with my machine - seems to crop up about once a year or so, with multiple kernel panics, crashing apps, etc. This time, it led to my drive actually dying on me (volume was hosed and drive wouldn't reformat).

I put a new drive in, and after re-loading some of my user files, the crashes started right up again. I've heard that it might be caused by bad RAM - I've taken them all out and tried them all, one at a time. All continue to give same error message for crashes.

However, I think I've narrowed it down to a software problem of some sort, stemming from something bad in the Library folder. Not sure if it's a bad preference file or what. Apps don't crash with a clean Library, or clean user.

It's driving me crazy, and after reading thru most of the threads that relate to this topic, I have yet to find a real answer.

I was almost to the point of just buying a new computer, but I noticed that even people with new systems are having these same types of problems.

I'd like to have a better idea of what causes this, so as to be able to avoid further issues in the future.

Can anybody advise???
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