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Question Stop finder from always asking password?

Hey! How/where can I stop Finder from asking me the admin password every time I want to install applications, do the Mac update etc? It's very tiresome. Sometimes it even asks for moving files because they have some kind of security level. It's tiresome!

Btw I searched the site but couldn't find anything about this... maybe I missed something, cuz it ought to be a common question!?

Regards, Peder
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The password requirement for installing applications etc is a security feature that cannot be disabled. Perhaps it can be with some clever Unix stuff but I am not aware of any. If it could be done, I would strongly recommend that you do not disable the feature. If you did, it would mean that rogue applications, scripts etc would install themselves on your Mac without any knowledge from yourself. A visit to a dodgy site or a click on a dodgy link within an email is all that's required for these rogue applications to install themselves.

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Is your user account an admin account?
If so, there should be relatively few cases when you are asked for the password.
If you are asked for the password, that is a sign that what you are doing or what some software installer is doing is modifying parts of the system that normal users don't change. The password prompt should therefore be taken as a "heads-up" that your system is about to get modified in a way that might be harmful.

You should only supply this password to installers from software companies that you trust implicitly since you are effectively giving the installer carte-blanche to do whatever it wants with your system.
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Lion want constant passwords from an admin user

My problem is much worse than what I've seen described here. Finder has started asking me for passwords every time I so much as change a filename. These are not system files. They are absolutely any files. Even files that are not on the boot disk. This is a new iMac -- a month old. It didn't do this until the past few days. I've done a lot of adjusting of UNs and PWs in working file and printer sharing issues. Somehow, something went wrong. Any thoughts?
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Originally Posted by TimNaff
It didn't do this until the past few days. I've done a lot of adjusting of UNs and PWs in working file and printer sharing issues. Somehow, something went wrong. Any thoughts?

Your thoughts on this are what matters. What changes did you make (explain in as much detail as possible).
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