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Audiofy (iofy) - getting them to show up and play in iTunes

I recently received a language audiofy (iofy) audiobook chip which claimed to be able to have the files played on the iPod. The chip included the AudiofyMac program to convert the proprietary .asc formatted sound files and place them directly onto the iPod. The problem with this is that 1) the files didn't show up on the iPod, and 2) every time you resync with iTunes (i.e. every time you connect) you need to reimport the audiofy files by running their converter program, which takes over an hour.

However, I figured out a solution. And it let's iTunes have access to the files. And it's a free, though kludgy work around.

The solution in one sentence: Use the AudiofyMac program's ChipZip! file export to create temporary .m4b files, then use Terminal to copy those files to an easy to access directory, and finally drag them into iTunes.

This only needs be done once, you don't have to run the ChipZip! each time you want to hear your audiofy files on your iPod.

Here are the detailed steps:

0. Connect iPod and start iTunes.

1. Take your Audiofy SD Audiobook chip and put it into a chip reader connected to your Mac (I have a Dell monitor that has a built-in reader, but my chips also came with a SD usb reader wich will work fine.)

2. The chip shows up as a drive on your desktop. Double click to see what's in there. There should be a listing of a bunch of .asc files as well as the AudiofyMac program. If you don't have the program for your audiobook , you can download it from the audiofy site (http://www.audiofy.com)

3. Run the AudiofyMac program. It is a decent player, really, but automatically starts playing the book so I have to pause the player. Anyway, in the "File" menu choose "ChipZip!", click "Go" and let it do it's thing.

4. While that is running you'll want to get Apple's Activity Monitor running. (Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor). In the Activity Monitor window, ("My Processes"), the AudiofyPlayer app should be near the top of the list. Select it and do a get info (View -> Inspect Process; or just Command - I)

5. In the Activity Monitor's new window (labeled AudiofyPlayer) choose the "Open Files and Ports" tab, and scroll to the bottom of the list. The last line should say something like:
The ta22.m4b (or whatever file is currently being converted) is your audiobook file that will eventually be put into iTunes. The problem is that the temp folder can't be gotten to from the Finder so you'll have to use the Terminal app and copy the file, well actually the entire folder of audio files, to somewhere that you can get to from the finder (like in your home directory). The important point here is that you now know where the files are being hidden (/private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/, or whereever).

5. Start the Terminal app (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal). Type:
cd /private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/
(or whatever directory you found in step 4) Hit return. Then type:
Again hit the return key. You should now see a listing of all the .asc files that have been converted to .m4b.

6. Now you could copy the files one by one, but you can also copy the entire directory. Here's how. Type:
cd ..
(and return, but you know that by now, right?) This changes the directory up one level (to /private/var/tmp/folders.501 ) If you do an "ls" you should see the TemporaryItems as one of the listed items.

7. Now to copy the files. In your home directory, create a new folder. I'll call it "Chip". Now type:
cp -R TemporaryItems/ ~/Chip/
(and return) This copies (cp) recursively (-R) all the files in the TemporaryItems folder to your home directory ( ~/ ) and specified folder (Chip/)

8. Now, just drag all your .m4b files into iTunes and they should appear in the Audiobooks section. You will want to play with the info titles and cover art, but that is it. Resync your iPod and the files will be copied over and you don't have to deal with the Audiofy player ever again (well, until you need to copy over a different book at any rate.)

9. Listen to your audiofy book files either in iTunes or on your iPod (or I suspect in Front Row or on an AppleTV should you be so lucky.)

Hope this helps someone, I'm sure going to find it useful. I'm still waiting for the Audiofy program to finish converting the files on my second chip; I'm glad I only need to do this once now!

My system: Dual G4 450 MHZ upped to a Dual 1.7 GHz, running 10.4.9.
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Hi and thanks,
Got as far as the terminal application....do I open a new shell
or command...i'm not familiar with terminal. The
terminal appl. opens but nothing appears on the desktop.

I purchased a Hindi program from Audiofly and need to get it onto
my ipod without emptying all contents from ipod every time.


Ma Bhaskarananda
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new software available for Audiofy/iofy

Hi all,
there's new software available for Audiofy audiobook chips (also known as bookchips) at http://www.iofy.com/download.

It will resolve the issues you were having. No more rezipping your content to iPod, and speeds are dramatically improved. There's even iPhone and iTouch support. It works with OS X 10.4 and up.

Hope this helps!
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In your itunes you have to manually manage your music so that when you sync your ipod you dont have to rezip your files.
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