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Unhappy Ipod starts and shuts down on its own

My ipod won't turn on. It starts, the apple logo appears, it makes a noise and shuts down. It then repeats this over and over and over. I've tried to reset the ipod (toggling the hold switch, holding down menu button, etc.) I have the latest versions of the ipod and itunes software installed, as well. I cannot turn the ipod on or off. It keeps tryng to start, but shutting down. It doesn't matter if it is plugged into my computer, unplugged or docked in my ipod stereo system. The battery should is fully charged. What can be wrong?
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I have the same problem - help appreciated!


Sorry Rachel, I don't have a solution, but exactly the same problem. Here's what happened:
1) The iPod (5th generation video) was connected to a set of speakers, plugged in the wall, playing all day.
2) Then at one point it just stopped playing (displaying the song half-way through).
3) I wasn't home and couldn't remember how to reset, so just left it overnight, but it was on and frozen, so it would have run out of battery.
4) Now I have the black screen with the apple on it, and it makes a clicking sound (almost like a sigh), and the black screen with the apple shows up again. It really feels like there's a hardware problem with finding the boot sequence, but don't know what to do about that!
5) I've installed the latest iTunes, rebooted, but still can't see the iPod on the mac at all.
6) When I plug the iPod in, after a few cycles through the boot screen, I sometimes get the low battery icon (which is weird, because it's plugged in the USB port right now - straight into the computer, not the keyboard port).
7) After displaying the logo battery for 20 seconds or so, it repeats the clicking/reboot cycle of hell. It's almost like it gets just enough power for it's first boot, tries to boot for 10-20 times, uses the battery up, and then gets in the low battery state again. Talk about vicious cycle!



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Clicking sounds from an iPod usually mean hard drive problems as it does from a laptop or desktop hard drives. The only thing that "may" (and read big may as it can also worsen the problem) is to hit your iPod a bit firmly with the dock connector side being what you hit onto the table (or other surface, just make sure to have something over the wodden surface so it won't dent the pod or destry its connector. Sometimes it's the iPod hard drive connector that got loose and tyapping it a few times like that will set it back. Note though that if your really not sure, don't do it. Look more into whats best for you, a new iPod or a new hard drive for the same iPod.
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Unhappy oh why?

I have this problem also whenever I try to reset my iPod the black background and apple logo come up then my screen cuts out. But when I plug it into my charger it will reset and I thought it was fixed but after listening to a song it abruptly just stopped it said my battery was low, but my battery was fully charged. I think this may be because I have a case that has magnets in it, or that some songs my friend sent me have done something to screw up my iPod but I doubt it because they play fine on iTunes. I don't know what to do I listen to my music too much during the day, and it helps me get away from annoying classmates in school when I working.
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