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How to remove wireless networks from network selection list?

Still not very good at getting around on a mac and I can't figure out how to remove networks that show up in my wifi selection list. I guess what I am asking is if there's a way to get under-the-hood and manually remove "rogue" networks that my wifi card sees? I'd also like to prevent them from re-appearing. Is there a way to config the wifi device or driver to do this?
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I don't think you can "remove" networks that your antenna is receiving. Like a radio or TV, if the signals are coming in, it will list them. If you are concerned about accidentally connecting to the wrong network, it would be better to use the tools provided for this. In your Network system pref, go to Airport, and you will see several options. In the main Airport tab, there is a By Default option. Mine is set to "Preferred Networks," a list you can maintain, of networks you've joined in the past. That means it won't automatically join networks not on that safe list.

Second, there is an Options button at the bottom of the Airport tab. If you click that, you get more control over whether or not your Mac joins networks automatically. Mine is set to "Ask before joining an open network." You probably don't want to set it to "Automatically join an open network" because it will just jump on the strongest signal whether it's safe or not.

What the Mac provides in this area is actually similar to what Windows provides in the way of filtering which networks you do and don't connect to. But a lot of Windows users I talk to aren't even aware of the tools Windows provides, either.
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Remove wireless networks from mac

Lion: Open network preferences -> Advanced button
Be sure the Wi-fi tab is active.
Below the list of Preferred Networks list are the plus (+) and minus(-) buttons. Select the network to be removed and then click the minus(-) button.
This works on Lion.
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