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Mac OS X Mail Server

Hi. I recently set up a mail server on my mac, but I don't know how to correctly configure an email program (like Thunderbird) to send/recieve mail for it. I'm using kerberos as my security settings for POP, SMTP, etc.
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Basically, these are the steps (very quickly)...

- Configure your DNS MX records correctly, so other servers know where your mail server is located on the internet. (a good tool to use is dnsreport.com to see if they can reach your server)

- Configure your mail store locations properly (if you are modifying these) and check these have been updated in the mail tab in SA.

- Set up users to use mail in WGM, entering the correct mail server name.

- This bit is really important... In the mail tab in SA, go to security and make sure that only Kerberos is checked. If you have Kerberos and, for example, plain or clear also checked, the email client will use whatever security it can get a response from - and in this case if you haven't setup up the mail client correctly in your mail application, it will probably be sending things in the clear when you think you are using Kerberos - not good!

- In the mail client go to something like settings and make sure that you have manually told the client to use Kerberos (for each account) - or it won't be able to log in. I think some clients can check automatically, but I use Mail, and that doesn't. Make sure you slect Kerberos for both incoming and outgoing actions.

That is pretty much it. if everything is done correctly, you should be able to log into to your mail server - good luck!

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