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minimising windows where they are in 10.2

The one thing i hate about os x is having loads of icons in the dock. Say for example I'm running dreamweaver, fireworks, IE5, photoshop it's gonna get messy and it's the whole reason why I AVOID windows os'.
When I was playing around with 10.1 I managed to stop minimised windows going into the dock and thus they were minimising where they were a la os9. Now I can't remember how I did it. Please help somebody!!!!
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I don't believe that 10.2 behaves any differently from 10.1. That is to say, that minimised windows do appear in the dock if the application to which they belong is not hidden.

A partial solution is to hide the application (Command-H) causing that applications minimised windows to be removed from the dock. They can still be accessed by either reselecting the application in the dock in which case the most recent open window will be raised and the others returned to the dock or by pressing and holding the mouse button on the application icon to get the list of open windows and then selecting the one window that you want.

Not ideal for you I think, but probably the best you're going to get without installing some 3rd party utility.

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Sounds like you may want to get windowshade from unsanity.com , or perhaps hack the system to use minimize in place. Search these forums for minimize in place to find out about it and how to use it.
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i definately did

minimise windows in place. in 10.1. I just can't remember how. I'm sure it was something to do with global view settings but can't be certain
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Here is the link for a minimize in place haxie.
Its pretty cool and works great. You can set it as the default minimize or key regulated.

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