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Kensington Powerbook lock won't open HELP??

My son just called me frantic from college. He locked his laptop (Powerbook) using a Kensington lock. He said that for some reason after opening the lock and then closing it, when he went to open the lock the code had changed. Is there anything he can do other than call a locksmith.


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Maybe this will work. http://www.toool.nl/kensington623.wmv
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Kensington Lock Problem

Thank you so much for your suggestion. Unfortunately my son has the combination lock without the key. I think this video is for the one with the key, is that correct?

Is there is a different method for the number padlock kensington laptop lock?

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Well, the obvious suggestion is to try every combination. The Kensington locks I've seen only have three numbers, meaning 1000 possible numbers to try. If it takes 3 seconds per attempt, that's 3000 seconds or 50 minutes to go through every number.

The faster suggestion is just to cut the cable. Any wire cutter with long handles can easily cut the cables that Kensington uses in about 5 seconds.

Finally, it seems very odd that the number would spontaneously change. It seems more likely that it has not changed, but the lock is sticking inside the lock slot. Maybe he just needs to change the angle at which the Kensington lock goes into the computer?

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Kensington laptop lock wont unlock!

Did you ever find a way of getting the laptop lock open? My daughter bought one and tried it out (thankfully not connected to anything!) and she could not open it! the MAC people are accusing her of not remembering the correct combination!!!! This is ridiculous! She has tried all sorts of combinations in hope that maybe something around her number would work, nothing has opened it! Can any one help here! Clearing Mac support is useless!
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Why is this a Mac support issue? Don't you think this would be a Kensington lock issue? Have you tried calling Kensington to see if they have any suggestions?
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I have the same problem. My lock is stuck in my computer (also luckily not connected to anything else) and I cannot get it out.
I called Kensington, and could not get to a person who would help me. I also emailed them and they told me that they could not do anything for me and for me to call a locksmith and pay 40$ for them to come unlock it.
I am heading off to school in a few days and will not be able to put my computer in any case to take it anywhere because there is a six foot combination lock attached to the side of it.
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