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where is config.inc.php?

It looks like my PHP is working but when I try to connect to mysql using phpMyAdmin I get this error:

#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)
I googled around for solutions and most of the involve changing settings in the config.inc.php file. Problem is I can't seem to find it..

I had downloaded and installed the php5 source (with the mysql option) and I understand that OS X 10.4.6 has it installed (on an Intel Macbook) but spotlight can't find the file..

Do I have to download an example from somewhere? If so, where should I put it? I figured it would go in /etc/php but I don't seem to have that directory in my OS X.
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It is in the top level of the phpMyAdmin folder (or whatever you renamed the folder to).
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That's actually the first or second place I looked but it's not there:

wayfinder:/Library/WebServer/Documents/phpmyadmin root# ls *.inc.php
ls: *.inc.php: No such file or directory

wayfinder:/Library/WebServer/Documents/phpmyadmin root# ls config*.*
ls: config*.*: No such file or directory

Did I just download a bad version of phpmyadmin? I got it directly from the project site this morning (v2.8.0.3)

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Can you just run the ls command while in there so we can see what files are in that folder?

monkey:~ eric$ ls Sites/phpAdmin/
CREDITS                         pdf_schema.php
ChangeLog                       phpinfo.php
Documentation.html              queryframe.php
Documentation.txt               querywindow.php
INSTALL                         read_dump.php
LICENSE                         scripts
README                          server_binlog.php
RELEASE-DATE-2.6.2-pl1          server_collations.php
TODO                            server_common.inc.php
browse_foreigners.php           server_databases.php
calendar.php                    server_engines.php
changelog.php                   server_export.php
chk_rel.php                     server_links.inc.php
config.default.php              server_privileges.php
config.footer.inc.php           server_processlist.php
config.header.inc.php           server_status.php
config.inc.php                  server_variables.php
css                             sql.php
db_create.php                   tbl_addfield.php
db_datadict.php                 tbl_alter.php
db_details.php                  tbl_change.php
db_details_common.php           tbl_create.php
db_details_db_info.php          tbl_indexes.php
db_details_export.php           tbl_move_copy.php
db_details_importdocsql.php     tbl_printview.php
db_details_links.php            tbl_properties.inc.php
db_details_qbe.php              tbl_properties.php
db_details_structure.php        tbl_properties_common.php
db_operations.php               tbl_properties_export.php
db_printview.php                tbl_properties_links.php
db_search.php                   tbl_properties_operations.php
docs.css                        tbl_properties_structure.php
export.php                      tbl_properties_table_info.php
footer.inc.php                  tbl_query_box.php
header.inc.php                  tbl_relation.php
header_printview.inc.php        tbl_rename.php
index.php                       tbl_replace.php
lang                            tbl_replace_fields.php
ldi_check.php                   tbl_row_action.php
ldi_table.php                   tbl_select.php
left.php                        themes
libraries                       themes.php
main.php                        transformation_wrapper.php
mult_submits.inc.php            translators.html
pdf_pages.php                   user_password.php
I'll let someone else say something to you about running as root.
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Must be something with v2.8.0.3 because a config.default.inc file comes with the v2.7. Had to modify a few things there (change localhost to, use /tmp/mysql.sock for the socket, and fill in the absolute url info) but then it works.

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