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How to copy a desktop

I am new to the Mac world and I love it so far. In windows there is a Key shortcut called PRTScnSysRQ, this takes a copy of whatever is on the desktop. I see that one can do this with a Mac (i.e. in the magazines you see the image of the Mac outline on pictures), but I do not know how and cannot find out to, would someone be able to help.

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the key sequence to take a snapshot of your desktop is...


and you should hear a camera shutter click sound. and find a file named Picture N on your desktop, N being an integer starting with one.

this will probably be a large tiff file.

you can change the default format for the snapshot to something more reasonable (in size, anyway) like a jpeg image.

search www.macosxhints.com for that.
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And shift-command-4 will let you capture a region of the desktop. The cursor becomes a crosshair; move then click-drag to cover the region you want.

If you do a lot of screenshot work, I highly recommend Snapz Pro -- tons of options for file type, shadow settings, save locations, and even movie captures.

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yeah, even movie captures.

a windows associate of mine, who knows my leanings, was vaguely curious about OSX. i fired up about 30 apps and sent him a scrolly Snapz pro movie of my desktop. he was speechless. still is. i suspect he fritzed some capacitators because he's been so dedicated to the billy goat for so long.
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