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Hello all and first I'd like to kindly thank everyone who is part of this extremely helpful and intuitive community. I am experiencing a problem with my external hard drive (EZQUEST250GB COBRA+ PRO AUDIO :: B25568) not mounting under the following conditions and hope someone may have some helpful information to point me into the direction of a positive solution.

First my set up info:
G5, 1.8 ghz, 1 GB ram, 80GB hd (maxtor), 10.3.7 and it runs great with no problems whatsoever. Perform regular Disk Utility maintenance for disk permissions about once a month.

Now the affected external Hard Drive info:
EZQuest 250 GB Cobra+ Firewire Pro Audio Hard Drive
which has been working without any problems for about a year or so now, used weekly, with no problems. I have previously not used any preventative maintenance on this drive and/or Disk Utility.

Problem Encountered info:
Well today, while my EZ Quest was mounted on the desktop, I was running Disk Utility repairing disk permissions on my internal hard drive and for some "not smart" reason I dragged the EZQuest hard drive to the trash so that I could eject it and shut the device off. Why I did not wait for the disk permissions to finish on my internal hard drive I have no explaination and feel really "not smart" right now. Anyway, after I did that I got a message saying the external hard drive was put away incorrectly, etc. Did not think it was such a big deal. Following the successful repair permissions task of my internal hard drive, I rebooted the computer and then went to mount the external hard drive to no avail. I got really scared when it did not mount. So I went into the Disk Utility to see if the external showed up and it does. It seems as if the top level icon shows up no problem but the second level icon (with the disks name) was grayed out (seemingly not accessible). So I clicked on the top level icon which read the external hard drive as an 232.9 GB Indigita and the only options that showed up were the verify and repair buttons within the Disk Utility pane window. When clicking on repair here is the message I encountered::

Volume disk1s10

Invalid B-tree node size. This Volume need to be repaired. Error -9972. Volume check failed.

and another message that noted:
Invalid B-tree node size,
Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972)

1 volume checked
0 HFS volumes verified
1 volume failed verification

Okay, so the next thing I did was get out my Disk Warrior CD
3.03 rev 35 and give it a shot for repairing the directory.

Once Disk Warrior was opened it read my external disk by its "name" I named it though the icon seemed grayed out (not accessible) but gave me the option to to repair. So I went for it and it started to run. While inspecting the disk it got up to Step 4 Checking Volume information when the progress stopped and the following message was then prompted:

The directory on the disk "name" cannot be rebuilt. The original directory is too severely damaged. The disk was not modified (2155,2207).

Then in the Disk Warrior window it gave this message:

Rebuilding was stopped because of an error (2155)
- This disk appears to be Mac OS Extended disk
- This disk does not appear on the desktop
- This disk is 232.76 GB in size

Then under the advanced window it reads:

Device ID: disk2s10
Sectors: 488,133,184
Sector Size: 512 Bytes
File Type: HFS (Extended, Embedded)
Model: Indigita

And that is the current state with this hard drive with precious information not mounting. If anyone in this community has any helpful ideas for a solution I am grateful and thankful.

Also grateful for the time of reading. Thank You and hoping for a positive outcome.

Also note I have Data Rescue II but have not tried it yet, because of the nature of the critical data I want to be sure that I perform the best option first and foremost. Also I have spoken with DriveSavers and because of the high estimate it is not an option. So any suggestions are extremely welcomed. Thanks again.

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The disk was not modified (2155, 2207).


I know it was a long time ago, but do you remember if you were able to ever use this disk after getting that error from DiskWarrior?

I'm in the same boat right now, and looking for a way to mount and recover files from a mostly dead disk.


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You might -try- the latest version of DiskWarrior, but I don't see any reason to think it would be more effective in the circumstance you describe--but, you never know.

From Alsoft Support pages:
This error (2155, 2207) indicates that critical directory information is missing from the hard drive. An exact diagnosis (and a potential resolution) to this error requires more information to be gathered from the hard drive in question. Please contact Alsoft Technical Support at 1-281-353-1510 for further assistance. If you are an International customer, please contact us via email, using the address tech.support@alsoft.com. Be certain you have your DiskWarrior serial number available when you contact us.

Alsoft really is quite responsive to requests for help, so calling might be a good idea.

If trying to recover data is your chief objective at this moment, Data Rescue II might be your best option. DriveSavers, or companies like them, can almost certainly recover the data, but as you observe, they charge premium prices for the service. I confess, I don't see why what you did ought to have resulted in catastrophe, and I could easily enough imagine doing that myself. Only one point catches my eye, and that really isn't a big issue, but while running disk repair now and then seems prudent, repairing permissions often is not nearly so useful. I would not, myself, do it unless I had some particular reason to think it was needed.

Joe VanZandt
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