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According to the Print & Fax settings within System Preferences, I have only one printer installed. However, the print dialog box within several applications shows many printers (including ones that no longer exist).

How do I delete the printers that are showing up in the print dialog box (that you see when you are selecting print within an application)?
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Hm... never had this happen before.

try doing into any web browser(Safari, Firefox, etc.) on your mac and type in to the address bar (or click the link):


then click "Manage Printers".

There may or may not be many printers listed there.
If there are, try and delete them from there.
Also, how are you deleting your printers? You should just click the Delete printer button.

Tell us what happens after you try that.
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You might also look into the ~/Library/Printers folder to see if any old printers are hanging around. Just toss them out.

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You are not alone. This has been a long standing issue, although getting better with each release of OS X and as there are fewer carbon apps (my personal opinion/observation). For me, the worst current offender of the multiple instances of printers in the print dialog box is Illustrator CS. There will be any where from 1 to 3 instances of the same printer, for each printer in ~/Library/Printers and for many printers that do not exist in ~/Library/Printers. I have not figured out how to delete these ghost printers as they do not appear in the Mac OS Printer Setup Utility nor do they exist in ~/Library/Printers. Only Illustrator believes that the phantom printers exist.

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