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Using OS X Server As Main OS

I am currently doing development work in WebObjects and Dreamweaver on OS X Client and I am thinking about upgrading to Server. The goal would be to use one system as both a development workstation and a test server (running my deployed WebObjects application along with typical server applications). For 10.2 is there anything missing from Client that I would need on Server?


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Craig R. Arko
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I'm not 100% sure I follow you, but you don't lose anything by running Server as a workstation OS (except a few hundred bucks).

WebObjects is a little finnicky about updates and patches depending on whether the development or deployment version is installed, but Apple publishes KB articles on how to handle that.
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Thanks for the info on WO updates. I read the KB articles and now I am concerned about running WO Development and WO Deployment on the same system. Has anyone done this on OS X Server?
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I'm not sure that taking the extra step of having a system set up as both a workstation and a server is going to be very helpful. Web Objects is designed to let you test your site on your development system even if it is not set up as a server.

To take this a step further, before the release of Mac OS X may people would turn Mac OS X Server 1.x into a client system for WO development (so they wouldn't have to use a Windows system for it). This type of configuration usually meant not installing any of the server apps and just installing the development tools for both WO and YB. Once finished, a site could be moved to any of the platforms that could be used as servers (Mac OS X Server, Solaris and Windows NT). It is interesting to note that while Solaris can be used for deployment, it can not be used for development.

Most of the WO developers I know of had been waiting for quite some time for Apple to finally released a development OS that wouldn't require them to buy the Server version and modify it.

Most of the people I know that used Mac OS X Server 1.x as a workstation have moved onto Mac OS X... except me because I just like Mac OS X Server 1.2 better.
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