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file type associations from Safari

How does one take control over which external application Safari (1.3) uses to launch a given file type (OS 10.3.9)? I've check preferences in Quicktime Player, RealAudio, and Safari and can't find anything that would let me specify this.

Mysteriously, Safari now tries to launch RealAudio streams in a Quicktime Window. Which is not helpful. I have searched high and low, but can't find some place where I get to choose what application launches.
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As it turns out, Apple is guilty of some Bill Gates style arrogance here: There is no direct user control of helper file associations (this is useful because??). I was given this assistance at another location:

"In Safari, you cannot change the application used to open a downloaded file.

You have to go to the preferences and uncheck automatically play safe files. Then download one of the files you want to launc and control lcik on it. Choose the open with dialogue and proceed.

Of course this will only work if the application you want is not grayed out which seems to be a little bit random, i.e. you know the application is intended for what you've got but it still won't let you click it."
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I tried this and it works. Of course it adds an annoying step to launch .smil files from Safari, but then making it inconvenient for customers to use competing products is a time honored strategy for OS companies. Maybe I should buy some Apple stock.
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You can set the application preferences you want with the 3rd-party preference pane RCDefaultApp:
It works well.
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Originally Posted by kawliga
Maybe I should buy some Apple stock.

As you wish, but also ignore the poster's advice. Do the following:

1. Close Safari.

2. Disable smil preference in QT plugin. Open System Preferences -> QuickTime -> MIME settings -> Miscellaneous - Misc File Formats. Uncheck the smil setting.

3. Then reopen Safari, uncheck the safe files option, download a smil file. Select the smil file in Finder, select 'Get Info', and in the "Get Info" window, select "Open With", and set "Real Player" as the default - and most important, then select "Change All", and confirm when the dialog pops up.

4. In Safari, recheck 'Open safe files'. Redownload your smil file - and Real Player should open to play it.

Works fine here.
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Good grief, thanks both. Bramley's fix works fine, although why it would require so many steps to do something so obvious or why the heck Quicktime would ever designate itself as the default app for a file type IT CANNOT ACTUALLY PLAY is totally beyond me. But good advice all the same.
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Bramley, Ty, I had the exact same problem in both Firefox and Camino. This fix worked with Camino, I assume it will work with Firefox since I previously had no problem. (I think, prior to the latest update of QT).

I also agree with Kawliga>
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It's not as many steps as it sounds. Don't freak out. It is, essentially:

1. Get info on a file.

2. Change application. Click "Change All" if you need to.

It's just that--and rightfully so--Safari obeys the preferences in LaunchServices, rather than making its own list of this stuff. Step back from bashing Bill Gates for a second and you'll see that it really does make sense. If a user normally opens all .somefile files with SomeApp.app, Safari needs should respect that. Since the Finder already has a mechanism by which to change those associations in LaunchServices, there's no reason to gunk up Safari with that.

As for the second complaint, that QT was registered to handle Real files, that's simply annoying, and I have no explanation for that.
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