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Question How can I use a Microphone with iTunes for Karaoke?


I own a PowerMAC G5. I want to sing along with some iTunes songs as they are playing with a microphone. (Ok, I know I"m wierd )

I bought a simple microphone and plugged it into the line in jack. I want to sing along with the itunes songs, however when I talk into the mic, I can't hear myself in the spears. I can only hear the iTunes songs.

What software/hardware do I need to convert my Mac into a poor man's Karaoke machine?

I went into the Control Panel and selected the line-in option, I see the meter go up when I talk into the mic, but I don't know how to make it play my voice directly to the spears.

Thanks in advance!
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yes you are weird and yes you do need software and maybe hardware too

But seriously go here type in something like "karaoke", "sing along". You should find some software. I think one is called "istar" and with your mic you should be able to hear yourself with some karaoke software. You could also get a program called wiretap (free), wiretap pro (not free). Wiretap records everthing playing on your mac so if you speak into your mac it should pick up yor voice.

Hope this helps
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Speak o' the devil! I just posted about kTunes in another forum. The Lite version sounds like just what you're looking for.

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