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Question Need utility to delete duplicates in Mail.app

Having used several mail clients on my Mac over the years, all the way back to CyberDog (!), I have ended up with several copies of many emails in my Apple Mail mailboxes. I have upwards of 100,000 mails in my mailbox, and I would guess that fully one third of these are duplicates! Many mail clients include a means of deleting duplicate messages. Specifically, Mailsmith has this capability. There are AppleScripts which do the job, albeit slowly, for Eudora and Outlook Express and Entourage. I can not find any such utility for Mail.app. One possible solution would be the unix utility called procmail, which seems to do this job and works with mbox files. However, I am not a programmer, and can not get this to work after trying several times. Does anyone out there have a solution? If nothing exists, a GUI front end to procmail would be a great thing for someone to program up. I would buy it, as would I am sure, lots of people.
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Just resurfacing this thread because I was wonder if there is a less painful than going through all of my emails to get rid of the dupes.

I had to reimport my mail because when I deleted some folders I imported, I forgot that my main READ mail folder was inbetween the ones I deleted. There was no getting that back, and I had to redownload my emails from Gmail, causing a lot of dupes.

Any pointers, ideas, suggestions, software to help clear this mess up would be great.

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Check out Andreas Amann's "Mail Scripts" which includes a "Remove Duplicates". It works rather well, as do all his other scripts.

Mail Scripts: http://homepage.mac.com/aamann/Mail_Scripts.html
Andreas Amann's Home Page: http://homepage.mac.com/aamann/
Best wishes,

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Thanks! That looks like exactly what I am looking for!
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