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determining ports that are in use

There was a similar post earlier about blocking a port over a LAN, but how can you find out which ports are in use, so you can block the offending port?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was a program you could run in the terminal that would report what ports were in use (and could also refresh at a user-defined interval), but I can't remember what that program is.

Anyone out there know how I can determine what ports are in use on my computer?

thanks in advance...
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netstat -nf inet will show all current connections, TCP and UDP. netstat -anf inet will add listening ports to this; basically, the LISTEN port is where a server (or daemon) is sitting, waiting for a connection.

If you want to know which process is listening to a port, use lsof. For example:

$ netstat -anf inet
tcp        0      0         *.*                    LISTEN
so I want to know who's listening on port 1033, I'd use lsof:

$ sudo lsof -i :1033
netinfod    207 root    6u  inet 0x01a9cd1c      0t0  TCP localhost:1033 (LISTEN)
(the interesting one being the LISTEN state again, the others are currently connected). In this case, 1033 is the NetInfo daemon (netinfod).
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this is what I use

this command works great....

Read the manpage for more options...
% lsof -i -n -P
Gives a very complete overview of all your networkconnections.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the tips everyone...

It turns out the program I wanted to block is using a random port everytime it starts up, so it's making it very difficult to do so.

Oh well, at least I know how to take care of the static ones.

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