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Linksys Broadband router BEFW11S4, V.4

I'm trying to go wireless and I have the linksys I've mentioned in the subject line. I'd like my assistant to be able to share my dsl connection, so, the set up would be for the dsl to go to the router and then the router sends the internet across the room.

I am the only mac user on the hub. Linksys tech. support doesn't support mac, but I found a kind soul who tried to help me "bridge." We couldn't go any further without knowing the DNS server number, which I couldn't find. None of the pc folks have any idea what I should do.

How can I find the DNS server numbers? They're not listed on the dhcp settings.

Question 2. In using the airport admin utility, should I wire the router to the laptop while I set it up? Any help is appreciated.
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I'm running an S.2 and don't know how different they are but on mine:

Go to the router admin at
Type in the password (If you haven't set it up it's admin If you haven't changed it, do so after doing this)
Click on Status
This should show you all the info you need.

The laptop should be plugged into the router for the initial setup.

Hope this works for your router.
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Thanks for the help. I hope that I can work it out.

My second realization is this--if I move the router from home to work, I guess I have to keep resetting it?
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