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New window opens too low

Every new document that is opened in Microsoft Word opens too low. There is a small gap between the top of the window and the bottom of the menu bar. Is there a way to force the windows to the top, so that I do not have to manually drag them there every time?
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Click on the green 'traffic light' top left of page. This should make the page 'fit to screen' .

As i cannot reproduce the problem - im not sure if this action will carryover after a restart.
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That just maximizes the entire window. The point was that I shouldn't have to keep clicking something every time I open a new window. It's not a lot of work to drag the window a quarter inch upwards, but I shouldn't have to do it every time.

I have no idea how, but apparently a preference got messed up, or some file got partially corrupted. I was just wondering if anyone had seen this and knew what might be causing it.
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When I open a New Document window in Word 2011, the window is not quite flush to to top menubar. I haven't discovered a method to make it appear with no space at the top of the window. I haven't tried removing the Microsoft folder from the user Library/Preferences folder, then restarting Word to rebuild the prefs. Have you tried that yet?

additionally -I opened Word 2011 on a different user account where I had never launched Word before. When you open a new document, Word offsets it slightly down and right. Additional new documents are again offset over and slightly down. I think it's by design, probably to prevent additional docs from appearing exactly on top of a previous document window (and hiding a previous window),
So, it's a feature, not a bug.

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