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Wireless Network Audio Rhapsody streaming issue

I have a streaming issue that on one can solve.

I can not stream Rhapsody Music using a Hawking HWREN1 Range extender via my Linksys WRT54G Router into my audio system.

The A/V receiver connects to the Rhapsody Servers and begins to play music but the server disconnects, music stops.

However, I can connect directly to the LInksys WRT54G bypassing the extender and Rhapsody steams music perfectly.

So I can stream music directly to the router, but when I connect through the Hawking on the same network it will not stay connected and stream.

The issue is my router signal is weak to the Audio System, and of course the Hawking Extender provides a strong wireless signal.

I bought this product to extend my wireless signal to all devices just not internet PC connections.

Something is wrong here. By all measures it should work, but it does not.

Hawking has no solution or even a clue why?

Can anyone out there help me here.

I do not understand why this will not work.

The wireless extender works perfectly connecting all laptops, pads to the internet, but will not stream music.

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I don't have a Hawking HWREN1, so I'm not sure what settings it offers, but perhaps you need to open some ports in either the Hawking or the Linksys router firewall?

My understanding of the ports that need to be open for Rhapsody are as follows:

TCP 80, 554, 4040, 7070, 8080, 443, 1755
UDP 6970-32,000, 1755

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The HAWKING is a pretty simple device. So there is no port control setting for unit. It basically just points to the Linksys gateway. That is why I do not have a clue why it will not work streaming audio. The only setting it has would be the channel that is set to 11 on the Hawking, and 11 on the Linksys. Would that cause a streaming conflict?
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Wireless Extender and Audio Streaming Help

I recently discovered that the Wireless Extender will also not play internet radio.

I found this statement on a Roku site relative to wireless repeaters extenders.

"This is actually quite normal behavior of a Range Extender. Range Extenders work off of the idea of pulling a signal from the Base Station and then repeating the signal frequently, this generally causes rebuffering issues with most wireless devices within a network."

I believe this is why I can not audio steam music via the extender because it is a repeater type devise.

Someone suggest that I need a wireless bridge extender. What is the difference. Who makes wireless bridges that do not repeat signals from the router.

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The Linksys WRT54G is not a bad router. It has wireless G at 2.5 GHz. There are newer routers with Wireless N at 5 GHz. If your other devices support wireless N, buying a new router should give you better coverage. Perhaps you wouldn't need an extender with a new router.
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