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Eathernet to WiFi

So I have my non-apple wifi router on the first floor and I have eathernet running up to my mac mini on the third floor. The wifi reception on the third floor is obviously horrible so I was wondering, Can I repeat the eathernet signal with my mac in to the same SSID? I know about going in to the sharing pane etc. but it uses a separate SSID. Also will my laptop connect to my mini if it's got better strength then the router and vise versa
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Just get yourself another WIFI access point to drop into third floor preferably one with an extra ethernet port on it too to wire in Mac and provide strong WIFI signal on 3rd floor.

You could use Internet sharing but maybe more trouble than its worth and you will end up with a double NAT'd network.

so would be something like this

Router > Ethernet > WiFi AP > Ethernet > MacMini
SSID the same but choose different channels maybe 3 and 9 that do not overlap.

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You might want to tell us what Router you do have and also . Apple's airport Extreme are good. And of course there are many other routers to choose from. We may end up wanting to know something about the size and construction material of your home.

If you do not care whether you have two SSID you can use virtually any two routers. Range wise it is best to have ones that at least do simultaneous dual band 2.4 and 5hz (5ghz is more immune to other signal interference but less range and ability to go through physical obstructions).

If you want a single SSID you want ones that can do WDS. Many do including Apple's.

Note that Apple's routers allow you to do other things like make a printer wireless, network a hard drive, etc. There are other manufactures that do that do, they end up costing around what Apple's do. Apple also makes an Airport Express but I do normally recommend except in specific Applications that it excels in.

Airport Express

https://www.apple.com/airportexpress/specs/ Its range is not as good as the Extreme and it only comes with one Lan and one Wan port, but its less expensive and does some unique things.

Airport Exreme

http://www.apple.com/airportextreme/specs.html Very good all around

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You do not need WDS as you have a Ethernet uplink.
I prefer not using WDS as splitting channels gives your network more bandwidth. You can still have 1 SSID and on the whole your devices will try and jump on strongest signal.
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