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Mail not arriving

(Newbie here)

I have a Macbook (with OS X 10.6.8) and have recently acquired an iPad. I have been using them both for e-mails without a problem, either sending or receiving, until yesterday when I saw that messages received were appearing only on the iPad.

The Macbook is supposed to get mail automatically, but even when I click on "get mail", nothing happens.

The Macbook still works for sending messages.

I don't know what to try: can anyone help?
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At a guess, you're using POP3 mail instead of IMAP, and you've got your iPad set to delete messages from the server after downloading. If my guess is correct, then there are two ways to fix the problem.

The first and best method, assuming that your Internet Service Provider (or whomever is providing your email account) supports it is to switch from POP3 mail to IMAP mail. This will leave the messages on the server for both your MacBook and your iPad.

The second, inferior method is to change the settings on your iPad so that it doesn't delete the messages on the server for a long time period.

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I appreciate the advice. I haven't used it, though, because the problem seems to have fixed itself when I closed both machines down and restarted them.

Thank you anyway, and I'll keep a note of it, just in case.
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