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MacMini Slows Dramatically when connect to the web?

Our Macmini, which is a newer model, slows to a crawl when connect to web via wireless, cable and to different modems. Browser window takes literally a minute to change; programs nearly freeze.

Any ideas?
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Sounds like something is drastically wrong in the network software or hardware on that Mac, resulting in the system trying repeatedly to access the network.

Check the logs using the "Console" application (in /Applications/Utilities) for messages around the time that the problem occurred.
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You could also open your Activity Monitor.
Make sure that you have "All Processes" and not just "My processes" selected in the drop down.
With that process window open, connect to your internet connection/network - and watch for processes that take large amounts of CPU, or use large amounts of memory. You can click on the header to sort by CPU or memory, and you'll quickly see processes pop to the top of the list.
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Originally Posted by ohucan2
Our Macmini, which is a newer model,

What exact model and what version of OS X?
Have you applied all system updates?

Have you installed any third-party software which runs in the background doing various things -- such as Little Snitch?

Create a brand new user account, and access the network there. Do you get the same problem? If not, then you know that the problem is specific to your old account, like a wrong or corrupt preference. Return to the old account and investigate user settings and running apps.

If the problem persists, then the cause is at the system level. Network prefs are stored at the system level, so make sure everything there is as it should be.
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