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keyboard shortcut - save as pdf

I followed instructions given by Mac Sparky of the "Mac Power Users" podcast http://macsparky.com/2008/3/19/keybo...f-in-os-x.html in which command+"P" is used as shortcut for saving a file as a pdf. Command+"P", however, opened the print menu by default (at least in Lion and now Mountain Lion). It only takes me as far as the window where I select "PDF" in the lower left corner of the print menu. I was attempting to set up a keyboard shortcut that would go through the entire "save as pdf" process when pressing command+P+P. Can anyone help me with setting this up. Please see a screenshot of the current "save as pdf" setup in the keyboard preferences section below.
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1) Adding a shortcut to Save As PDF means, in this case, that you will need to press Command-P twice, once to bring up the Print dialog and once to invoke the Save As PDF command. You may have understood that, but I wasn't certain based on how you wrote your post.

2) You must enter the command name exactly as it's shown on your computer. Your picture shows you've entered it as save as pdf... when the command is Save as PDF... Note the capitalization difference.

3) It's impossible to tell from the picture what you entered, but for the ellipse (...) you may need to enter that character instead of typing three periods. To enter an ellipse, hold the Option key and press the semicolon key (;) once.

Finally, you may need to quit and relaunch applications for your new shortcut to take effect. You may even need to restart. In my experience, the built-in system for adding shortcuts can be flaky in terms of getting shortcuts to start working, but one or both of these measures usually gets them working.

And, yes, I do have Command-P set on my own Mac for invoking the Save As PDF command. I've had this working for years.
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Thanks a million. It works great.
I'm not an Apple fanboy. I'm a fan of doing things the right way. Apple is doing just that!!
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Thanks a million. It really does work great.

I did not know and am delighted to learn that this can be done for menu items buried in dialogs such as "Print."

Very very helpful.
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