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Constantly rebooting wireless router???

I have had a Netline Broadband internet gateway for a couple of years. It is a wireless router that also has a single ethernet out port. I recently switched to a cable modem from DSL. Overall I am very happy. I have noticed that I have to constantly reset the router. I unplug it and replug it in after a minute and everything is fine for a while until it happens again (nothing on the internet works). the cable modem seems fine as all the lights are blinking just fine. Maybe it is "old" or has a hardware problem and needs to be replaced. Any ideas? (BTW, I am a Macintosh user, although I don't think that should matter)

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...and another router being rebooted.

I use a netgear wireless router, a MR814. Last month it first started going "dead" on me and I would have to power cycle the unit to get it back. All the lights would be one, and traffic seemed to be flowing over my cable modem, but I had no network and no router. After going to Netgear's site and downloading a firmware upgrade, the problem seemed to stablize. I have had one repeatable instance of being able to lose connectivity with it by hitting a particular website. I am not certain that this is a resolved issue. Anyone else?
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It's possible to have a hardware failure, but more likely than not, it is indicative of internet service problems.

After internet service is interrupted, many devices will continue to show same indicator signals as if service was present. But, as you know, the service is gone.

When service resumes, it may be necessary to restart the router, or seem to be necessary, for you to avoid long delays for network services to resume, rather than wait for all of the devices, computers and the OS sort it all out on their own.

After isolating the problem further to rule out hardware failure, you should contact your ISP and calmly but persistently report the outage problems and request credit for lost services and inconvenience. Only if ISP's are held accountable will they provide quality service and maintain their infrastructure and cabling properly.
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I used to have the same problem on my SMC Barricade. After messing around with things in my network cabinet trying to look for abnormalities, I noticed the power adapter to my router was VERY hot. I decided to try to put a fan in the closet, and it took the problem away completely. That may sound pretty stupid, but it's just a thought/suggestion. Now I have an AirPort Extreme, and I have absolutely no problems with that baby, and hey, it's made by Apple so it's gotta be awesome, right?
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Resetting Router

Thanks for your post regarding the router overheating. I had the router, cable modem and hub all stacked on top of each other and they were all quite hot. When I moved them and gave them "breathing room" on top and on the bottom the problem has virtually gone away.
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