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move files based on filename

Not sure if my first post made it but since then I have had some success with my needs. I have twenty one possible filename prefixes and I need a script to move files out of one central folder daily to folders based on those prefixes.
If I could have the script make the folders, then move the files that would be perfect. I guess I could make the folders. and example would be a file named kd-54321.jpg to be moved into a folder called kd or pld-54321.jpg to be moved into a folder called pld
the script example I found that is kind of working is

tell application "Finder"
set theFolder to folder "cave" of folder "scripts" of folder "Desktop" of disk "studio11"

set chosen_folder to folder "cave" of folder "scripts" of folder "Desktop" of disk "studio11"
tell (a reference to my text item delimiters) to set {old_delim, contents} to {contents, "."}
tell application "Finder"
set file_list to files of chosen_folder
on error
set file_list to {}
end try
repeat with this_file in file_list
set folder_name to name of this_file
if folder_name contains "." then set folder_name to ((text items 1 thru -2 of folder_name) as string)
set new_folder to ((chosen_folder as string) & folder_name & ":")
get new_folder as alias
on error
make new folder at chosen_folder with properties {name:folder_name}
end try
move this_file to folder new_folder
end repeat
end tell
end tell

One problem I have with it is it names the folder the filename. I don't understand how to change it to just make the folder based on the first two characters only. Now that I think about it, I do have some three letter prefixes as well. that might also be a problem too.
any help is much appreciated.
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