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iMac 17" flat panel hanging on white screen

Here is what I know:

512 megs ram
60 gig HD
1.0 Ghz
17" Display

Press power button, hear the boot chime' display lights up, fans come on, display goes black for a second, then lights up again, hard drive spins up and that's it. Display remains ultra bright. Will not boot from CD or DVD. Will not boot into safe, single user or any other mode.

Will boot into target disk mode. I have zapped pram, cannot get into open firmware. I have pressed the return key in hopes that a dialog window was waiting for input. Stuck.

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A couple of easy things to try:

1. Disconnect the power cord from the wall socket for half an hour, then plug it in again and try to boot up. Might work. If not,
2. Remove the bottom plate and carefully reset the PMU. There are detailed instructions and photos here: http://www.justanswer.com/mac-comput...-starting.html.
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Try booting from an external backup drive or external DVD drive. Hold the Option key down while restarting to force booting from an external drive and then select the drive.

I've recently had a similar experience with a PowerBook, it was a faulty hard drive which prevented the internal DVD drive from working too.
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