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autorun program on startup

being a new bee to macs(2 days lol) i have downloaded eye connect to link to my tv which works perfect.
but, i want it to auto run on startup. i know you go into the login side in users but this isn't installed as an app. it is in the system preferences as 'other'.
i can't find where it is actually installed and when i search for eye connect, it only shows the dmg file.
thanks for ur time
ps os x
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A dmg is a "disk image", which is like a virtual disk. When you double click on it, the image is "mounted", like plugging in a drive or inserting a CD.

Software that comes on a dmg needs to be taken out of the disk image and copied onto your hard drive -- usually into the Applications folder.

If there is an installer in the dmg, then that needs to be run and the software will be installed in the right places.

I suspect that you haven't taken the app out of the disk image, which is why it can't be found.

If this isn't the problem, then please use more detail to explain what you are trying to achieve; what you have done; what happens; and what doesn't happen that you wanted to happen.

Also, what version of OS X? (Look in "About the Mac" under Apple menu.)
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Looks like the Eye Connect is simply a Preference Pane.
So, open your hard drive, then open the Library folder.
Open the PreferencePanes folder, and you should see the Eye Connect pref pane. Open your System preferences, then open your Users & Groups pane, and click on the Login Items tab.
Drag the Eye Connect file into that login items window, and that's all you need to do. The pane should open whenever you restart or login to your Mac. Of course, that doesn't leave it open at all times, so it's only a click away in your System Preferences.
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