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iTunes Music Store -- Questions

Hi, everyone! I have a question that I just can't seem to find an answer for concerning the Apple iTunes Music Store. I figured someone should have an answer. This is related to two situations:

1. You can buy songs one at a time from an album.
2. You can buy an incomplete album.

My question is if I buy an incomplete album, and the missing song is later added to the listing, do I automatically get that song as a download or do I have to buy it seperately to complete the album purchase?

A corollary to this is if I bought a couple of songs from an album and later decide I want the entire album and purchase it, will I effectively have bought the songs I already have, twice?

Oddly enough, I find the second scenario more tolerable than the first. I tasted the fruit, now I have to buy the tree. (Can't put back the fruit I already ate other than as future fertilizer...)

But in the first case, I bristle at the thought of buying something that is incomplete; taking a risk to get the album, even though one or two songs are missing. Technically, I feel that I should be entitled to the missing songs when they are added seeing as I paid for the entire album. It could also be pointed out that seeing as I've saved so much money being able to pick and choose what songs I want rather than whole albums, that having to lose out on occasion should be taken as an acceptable risk/loss.

I haven't found any references by Apple as to what happens in the first situation. I read through their purchase agreements, but didn't find anything that relates. These are questions that can certainly bring up a lively debate about what a purchaser is entitled to, but I am more interested in any factual information. (Opinions are appreciated as follow-up, though)
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well, i know that a lot of the artists have on there that the partial albums aren't available for download at all until the whole thing is complete. (this is in response to your first situation). also, if there are less than 10 songs, you won't pay full price for the partial album anway. just .99 * number of songs currently available.

as far as your second quesiton, if you buy a few songs from an album, and later want the whole thing, can't you just individually purchase the songs you didn't get the first time? that way orig. songs + new songs = entire album?
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Yup, you're right! I feel silly now for not noticing. You can't buy a partial album.

But as far as buying the individual songs, you're correct that one can buy the songs at $.99 each. But a lot of the time, there are up to 12 to 13 songs on many albums.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just mark it as the cost of getting a better deal most of the time. Sometimes I'll just have to spend more than just $10.
There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don't ask, you will never know.
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On top of that..

Some of the policies seems strict, however I've found in the forums that Apple Store Customer Service has been understanding.

Recently I saw mentioned that a song downloaded didn't sound good or was clipped at the end, Apple authorized another download for free once the song was fixed.


For songs, it's cool sometimes to have one for a dollar. For albums, why? CDs with actual sleeves and liner notes are more fun..

I still use vinyl, so watch out.. !

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