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Arrow snow leopard desktop icons default arrange to the left

i'm new on this forum but i would like to help as much as i can but to start i need to know something, is there any app, hack, defaults write hint or script to help me to keep arrange by default my icons to the left.

i'm a mac user and i like the way it is at the right, but i have a mac book pro that recently break its screen and now i have a big black spot on the right corner. this computer still work great but is hard to find the icons there.

thanks a lot to anyone.
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hi nelo - welcome. when you are talking about the icons - do you mean the ones in the menubar at the top right of the screen ?

if yes - the only way to move them ( that i know of ) is to load more icons that you wont use & place them on the right of the bar.

problem is that you can only move the order of mac osx icons around. you do this by holding down the command key & dragging the individual icons to the left or right. this is not possible with non-mac ones. the only mac one that you cant move is the spotlight magnifying glass. thats fixed.

if you need more icons to fill the space where your black mark is - go to system preferences and go through each item there. some of them have a box to tick at the bottom of the window - to 'show the item in the menubar'. tick ones that you wont need and put them in the black hole

try Displays & Universal Access. also if you can do without the clock - push that to the far right and in Date &Time preferences - set it to AM/PM & tick the seconds box. this makes it quite long and will push everything else over to the left.

if however you are talking about the icons in the dock at the bottom of the screen - post back and i will run you through ways of moving it.

hope that helps
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If you are asking about file and folder icons that are on your desktop, then you can move the existing ones to the left side of the screen, and change Arrange by... (in your View Options menu) off, so the icons should not rearrange themselves without your choice.
The problem is that new icons will be placed in the upper right corner, if that corner has open space.
So, you can drag your Desktop folder to your Dock, or make an alias for your Desktop folder, and put it in an always-visible location on your desktop. Open that Desktop folder for access to the files and folders that remain on your desktop.
Or, choose to use your Mac in a way that avoids the use of the Desktop as much as possible, using various folders that do not actually live on your Desktop.
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How about you get a new Mac?
Get Icon Creator and support me.
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keep desktop icons on the left

thanks to all of you, i was looking a way to do that the new icons get auto arrange at the left, but i didnít find any way to do this.

then the best i way i found to do it is to have several alias icons on the black spot on the screen to keep all that part full of big icons, then new icons always places on the right but away from the damage screen area.


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