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New to Single User Mode (emergency user)

My G5 iMac has been running slow for a few weeks. Repair permissions does not seem to clear up permission problems. I've put off diagnosis, unfortunately, to run my business.

Yesterday, Software Update installed a MacOS update, and now the computer will not startup. Reinstall OS from DVD did not work. It now won't even boot from the DVD. It will start in target mode, but doesn't show up on the other end of the firewire cable (only the DVD in the drive showed.) It will also start in Single User Mode.

If 'repair permissions' is the problem, how can I run it from SUM? (I tried "diskutil repairPermissions/" to no avail.)

If 'repair permissions' is NOT the problem, any ideas?

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It's almost certainly nothing to do with Repair Permissions. Note that you will get some (the same) messages with RP every time you run it.

Not booting from the DVD is a bad sign; the hard drive not showing up in Target Mode is a very bad sign.

Given the age of your machine, it's possible that something could have died.

In Target Mode, can you see the hard drive in Disk Utility? Can you repair it? (Repair Disk, not Repair Permissions!)

Try booting up from DVD again. Also, with the Disk in the drive, try starting with <alt> held down. That will show you all available booting options (after a bit of thinking). If you can get the DVD running, try Disk Utility there and Repair the drive.

My first thoughts is that your hard drive has failed, and the DVD problems are incidental -- dirty disk/lens.
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Thanks. That at least gave me access to the hard drive. Ran 'Disc Repair' without good result. From here, though, I followed on screen instructions and have been able to reformat and restore. I hate doing that, but it's better than not being able to get in. You'll hear from me later if the reinstall doesn't work. Thanks, enormous thanks.
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I'm going to let it run for a few more hours saying "Time Remaining: About 19 minutes," but that looks familiar to me. It has gotten hung up at about 19 minutes before.
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imac, repair permissions, single user mode, target mode

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